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In Neural Clinic, we take an interdisciplinary, patient-centred approach for you care. Our expertice is based on neurodevelopment disorders as well as neurological rehabilitation.

Our services are aimed towards provisioning individualised care for patients who have suffered any neurological damage, both children and adults.

Our experience has allowed us to develop specialised programs, not only for treatment, but also to prevent neurological diseases.

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We deal with all neurological issues

Infant neurological rehabilitation for premature babies and newborns at risk or showing neurological development issues.

We are specialised in the treatment of children at risk of suffering neurological sequelae


We treat all age patients with brain damage, at any time of their lives.

Brain damage in children presents different cases, where patients have unique, functional and therapeutic needs.

Treatment of disorders associated with alterations at early age due to abnormal development or brain damage.

Neurological disorders must be diagnosed with strictness and treated conveniently in order to clearly improve the child’s life and his/her closest social context.

Assessment and rehabilitation of physical, psychic and sensory sequelae due to a sudden brain injury..

The gravity, the type and the variety of symptoms presented respond to a lot of factors such as the patient’s age or the speed of action.

Evaluation and treatment of patients suffering from psychological and behavioural alterations caused by the progressive loss of cognitive functions.

An early diagnosis of the disease allows the patient to obtain the maximum benefit for his/her mental and physical health.

Neurorrehabilitación de pacientes que padecen esta enfermedad degenerativa presentando pérdida en sus capacidades físicas, funcionales, cognitivas y emocionales.

Trabajamos siguiendo unas pautas y de manera coordinada e integral por el beneficio del paciente y su familia.

Atención y respuesta ante las necesidades de personas afectadas de párkinson proporcionando ayuda terapéutica, social y psicológica.

Tratamiento basado en la rehabilitación motora, rehabilitación del lenguaje y servicio de asesoramiento de forma personalizada.

Specialised on neurological treatments

Our proffesional team is compromised on patient and family needs offering a service build on profound human values. Get to know our neurological rehabilitation services;

Our neurorehabilitation clinics

Located throughout Spain, we provide a wide range of treatments as well as professionals specialised on child neurodevelopment and neurological rehabilitation.

Neural has a human atmosphere and a culture based on focusing our treatments on the needs of each patient..

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