Our team is committed to patient health.

Neural is made up of more than 70 multidisciplinary professionals who work every day to improve the health of patients with neurological disorders at any age.

Specialists in different fields of neurology, we consider essential the attitude, internal communication and coordination of treatments for the effective recovery of the patient.

Neural's philosophy is to create dynamic teams with the ability to work in groups, with the motivation to achieve the best results, committed to the customer and with the desire to innovate so that the treatment becomes a success.

Our neurorehabilitation specialities

Medical Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation doctors coordinate the treatment of the patient from the hospital admission phase to discharge in the subacute stage.



We take care of evaluating and treating all those functions (memory, attention, behaviour...) that may have been damaged due to a brain injury.


Our physiotherapists focus their activity on improving the patient's mobility after an injury located in the central nervous system.

Occupational therapy

Therapists specialized in neurological rehabilitation based on the improvement of the independence and autonomy of people with brain injuries.

Speech therapy

We help people communicate better (speech, language comprehension, writing, reading, etc.) after a neurological injury.


Specialists trained in psychotherapy accompany the patient in emotionally complex moments during the therapy.

Social work

We strive to ensure that each person receives the guidance and support necessary to achieve satisfactory social activity.


En Neural pensamos en la nutrición como un aliado para la prevención de posibles patologías neurológicas y un pilar básico en el tratamiento neurorrehabilitador.