Neuropsychology is the field that is responsible for evaluating and treating cognitive deficits of all those functions that may have been damaged due to brain injury, dementia or trastorno del neurodesarrollo neurodevelopmental disorder in childhood.

Patients who need a neuropsychologist usually have memory loss, lack of attention, difficulty recognizing emotions or controlling behavior.

Neuropsychologist functions in Neural


Neuropsychological evaluation

The neuropsychologist establishes an initial evaluation to know how the patient’s cognitive functions are. It addresses the emotional and social consequences that these alterations can have on the person’s life.


Assignment of treatment with the Neural team

Once this baseline is established, coordinate with the Neural team, patient, family and other professionals involved the treatment will be carried out to improve the cognitive functions of the patient.


Family approach

On many occasions the family remains directly involved with the patient’s condition. In these cases a close intervention with relatives is required. The neuropsychologist informs, accompanies the family and creates support groups and information sessions during this process.


Help in the patient’s behavior and emotions

In general, people who come to Neural are going through a difficult time in their lives, often experiencing difficult situations to manage. In these cases the neuropsychologist attends to the patient’s needs, provides information and establishes strategies that allow him to overcome emotional and behavioral difficulties that may occur throughout the treatment.