The psychotherapy in neurological rehabilitation has the objective to solve the emotional problems and difficulties that a patient suffering from a neurological disorder or disease may present.

At Neural, our psychotherapists intervene when the team, the family or the patient requests it. That is why their role is very specific and optional in neurological rehabilitation.

Sometimes it’s just a few sessions. Other times, however, psychological therapy is part of the rehabilitation process and it is as important as physical work.

Functions of the psychotherapist in Neural

Psychological help to patients with emotional problems

A psychotherapist is a psychologist trained to accompany the person in an emotionally complete process.

This does not necessarily mean that a psychological disorder has been diagnosed, the patient may need the help of a psychotherapist when:

  • He\She is mired in great sadness for the situation he/she lives.
  • He\She feels unmotivated and finds no new incentives.
  • He\She is in a separation process or is experiencing a painful situation with someone important.
  • He\She does not know how to detect the diagnosis or illness of a relative.

If you find yourself in any of these situations and wish to consult our professionals, you only have to ask the person responsible for the unit.

There is nothing better like emotional health and asking for help during a particularly hard time in your life to successfully face complex situations.

Guide in support groups

The support groups are guided by the psychotherapist and become a source of support and strength.

It is one of the most effective tools that exist for the emotional improvement of the patient.

Support groups allow:

  • Acquire information and new perspectives.
  • Encourage problem coping and strategy acquisition. Normalize complex situations and experiences.
  • Promote emotional expression.
  • Break with the isolation to which are exposed people who live in a situation of dependency or who spend much of their time in caring for a loved one.