Javier Viciano is Full Professor of Commercial Law and Rector of the International University of Valencia (VIU).

A few months ago he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in the right hemisphere, so he needed to park his professional projects to focus on himself.

He initiated rehabilitation treatment with us and since then we are working to improve cognitive functions that in principle everyone assumes as simple: retain the information we read, transmit information and expose arguments without losing the thread, organize so that we can take advantage of time and be efficient…

After a brain injury, there are usually problems in the executive system of our brain, that agenda that organizes us internally and helps us to reach everything in a timely manner.

One of the main objectives we have with Javier is to help him prepare a law course he will teach in Honduras next August.

For this, the neuropsychology team has focused the treatment on the organization and planning of discourse, working memory and oratory skills, preparing with him an issue that despite not being typical of its discipline, we believe it is very important that you know: the advances in investigation of asymmetry between cerebral hemispheres.

Thanks Javier for the generosity of wanting to share moments of your rehabilitation.

Neurological rehabilitation
If you or someone close to you has recently suffered a stroke and you want to have more information about neurological rehabilitation and our working method, get in touch with us.