Neurological rehabilitation of neurodevelopmental disorders From the first months of pregnancy to the first years of life there may be alterations in the brain that can cause a delay in the acquisition of some functions. The reasons why a child has difficulty acquiring language, recognizing emotions or maintaining attention are many.

Neurodevelopmental disorders have a neurobiological basis and therefore, they should be diagnosed and treated rigorously to offer the best help.

It should be noted that many of these alterations are part of normal development and do not matter. However, given the slightest suspicion, it is very important to rule out a disorder of an evolutionary process. Intervening on time is essential when it comes to helping a child to adapt, participate or perform basic activities in their day to day. In Neural we are specialists in the neurological rehabilitation of neurodevelopmental disorders of any child who has difficulty in functions that affect their development, such as learning or language. Our work methodology is based on facilitating communication and stimulating the neurodevelopment of the child, establishing objectives in conjunction with the family and coordinated at all times with the school and other professionals.

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