Rehabilitation of a brain tumor in adults

The symptoms of a brain tumour can be various, such as cognitive, behavioural problems, motor difficulties and autonomy. As a consequence of it, brain tumour in adults has a significant impact on the quality of life.

Why is rehabilitation important after suffering a brain tumour?

Rehabilitation supports the patient with the recovery of altered functions and does it thanks to an intensive treatment carried out by a professional team. In this way, the different specialists work in a coordinated way in all the areas affected by the tumour.

Neurological rehabilitation plays an essential role in the recovery of the functions of a patient who has suffered a brain tumour.

Thanks to this rehabilitation, the patient’s mobility, memory and speechproblems are improved. Furthermore, in Neural, both the patient and the family will receive a close treatment from our professional team, always attentive to the needs that arise throughout the treatment.

How does Neural assist a person who has suffered a brain tumour with his recovery?

After an initial examination, we design a custom therapeutic plan, guiding the intensity and type of professionals involved in the rehabilitation.

With this treatment we help the patient to:

  • Improve speech, comprehension, reading and writing.
  • Enhance mobility, strength and muscular dexterity.
  • Recover independence in his/her daily activities.
  • Gain concentration and planning.
  • Increase self-esteem and improve character if it has changed.
  • Meet up with the work environment.
  • Go back to study, read or find a new way of realization.
  • Improve living with the family and social environment.

All life ahead.