Neurological rehabilitation of Brain tumour in children

The brain is the organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, hunger and all the processes that regulate our body. Therefore, when a child has a brain tumour, the symptoms can be diverse.

Brain tumours can appear at any age causing cognitive, behavioural, motor and sensory disturbances.

Once the infanitle brain tumour diagnosed is removed through surgery it is important to begin a neurological rehabilitation to help the child and adolescent in the recovery of the functions that have been altered and that affect their development or autonomy.

How does Neural help in the recovery of a child who has suffered a brain tumour?

In Neural our team of professionals works with the patient to recover to the maximum the physical, cognitive and language functions that have been altered and thus minimize long-term sequelae.

The psychological rehabilitation of an infantile brain tumour is also important in the recovery of children.

Cognitive deficits are one of the most frequent symptoms in people who have gone through or are undergoing treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Memory, attention or planning problems can have especially important consequences for these children. These difficulties can directly affect your school performance, making learning difficult and putting your academic future at risk.

Neuropsychological rehabilitation provides strategies that improve the performance of attention and memory and make the patient feel more confident and motivated.

A timely intervention can help return to normal as soon as possible.

All life ahead.