Neurological rehabilitation for cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is the first cause of motor disability in childhood.

This physical disability can be accompanied by some kind of sensory, cognitive and communication impairment,, compromising the development and autonomy of the child.

The main cause is due to the lack of oxygen that reaches the brain as a result of brain inflammation, periventricular hemorrhage or cerebral anoxia. This can occur in childbirth, during the gestational period or in the first weeks after birth.

The first clinical signs appear between birth and 3 years of life.

When there has been a complication, the baby should be followed up, in many cases recommending the start of a preventive rehabilitation plan.

How does Neural help in the recovery of a child with cerebral palsy?

Each patient has unique functional and therapeutic needs depending on the vital moment of the person.

We treat patients with cerebral palsy of any age, at any time in their lives.

In Neural we monitor from the first months of life, adjusting the medical review and treatments to the needs of each case.

Our team works together and in coordination to favor the potential development of the patient at any stage of his life.

With you from the beginning.