Neurological rehabilitation for diseases and genetic syndromes

The diagnosis of diseases and genetic syndromes causes a profound impact on the family.

These diseases, which affect the central nervous system, are very rare, which is why it is necessary to resort to the collaboration of specialists.

The expert advice and guidance on which treatments can improve the child’s development, helps significantly in adopting the best measures that fit the needs of the patient and the family system.

How does Neural help in the recovery of a patient with a genetic disease or syndrome?

In Neural, after extensive experience of more than a decade, we have a team specialized in pediatric neurorehabilitation for this type of diseases and genetic syndromes.

We base our work on the transdisciplinary approach, creating a work network formed by a therapeutic team, patient, family and other professionals involved in the intervention process.

Rehabilitative treatment for these diseases is aimed at reaching the maximum range of autonomy possible, knowing that each case is unique.

In Neural we will be happy to help you improve your child’s relationship, teaching you the best ways to communicate with him/her, play and help him/her in his feeding or learning.

At your side from the beginning.