Treatment for frontotemporal dementia – Clínicas Neural

Frontotemporal dementia affects the frontal and temporal region of our brain, usually with behavioural and language problems.

The expression of the first symptoms will depend on the areas that are most affected in the patient.

The most frequent symptoms of a frontotemporal dementia are:

  • Personality changes: the person has a more apathetic, less tolerant or comprehensive behaviour and shown to be irascible and uninhibited. Decisions are impulsive.
  • Changes in speech or language: you may interact less in conversations, have difficulty expressing an idea or not find the right word. He/she also frequently does not understand the meaning of many of them, even if they are familiar words with a high presence in his vocabulary.

How does Neural help a patient with frontotemporal dementia?

From the diagnosis, Neural accompanies you in the disease process by providing the patient and family with the necessary help. These grants vary depending on the situation and preferences of each case.

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