Rehabilitation of Prematurity

Premature babies have a higher risk of suffering from a neurological pathology compared to full term babies.

Keeping track of the development of premature babies is very important to detect possible difficulties in time.

Pediatric rehabilitation in prematurity begins in the first months of life and it’s often preventive.

It’s indicated to start neurological rehabilitation when…

  • Birth occurs below week 32.
  • The newborn has a weight less than 2,500 kg.
  • He has suffered from respiratory distress syndrome (severe respiratory failure).
  • A periventricular – intraventricular hemorrhage has occurred.
  • The baby has suffered from leukomalacia.
  • There is a long stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
  • There has been fetal distress.

What is the neurological rehabilitation of prematurity in Neural about?

The rehabilitation team acts coordinated and in constant communication with parents. The intensity of the treatment varies according to each case.

  • Correction of muscle tone and movement: it is common for rehabilitation to begin in the first months with the main work of the physiotherapist. The pediatric physiotherapist prevents, identifies and corrects problems of muscle tone and movement. In the first months these problems can be subtle, so it is important to treat the baby as prevention. It also acts when the baby has respiratory problems, helping with exercises to improve his/hers lung function.
  • Improvement in infant autonomy: from the first months, the occupational therapist participates in the self-sufficiency of the baby. Acquiring cephalic control, increasing and experimenting with the first textures are milestones that, together with their parents, the therapist will work from the beginning.
  • Stimulation of the orofacial musculature: the speech therapist is in charge of focusing on stimulating the orofacial musculature to prepare and favor the chewing and intake of food, as well as to initiate the communicative function.
  • Proper treatment plan: the rehabilitating physician is the medical figure that designs and coordinates the appropriate treatment plan. The rehabilitation doctor works in conjunction with the rest of the professionals to promote optimal brain development.

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