Speech and language disorder

Speechand language disorders are very common in school-age children.

Language is the main communication tool we have and any difficulty in childhood can cause secondary problems such as:

  • Developmental delay.
  • Lack of social interaction.
  • School failure.
  • It affects the emotional state.

If you suspect that your child may have a language delay, it is recommended that you do not miss time and seek specialized help.

You should ask for help if…

  • Your 2 years old son has not started saying his first words.
  • His/her language is unintelligible or only the people closest to him/her understand it.
  • He/she seems not to understand what he is told.
  • He/she has trouble learning new words, prefers to point out what he wants.
  • He/she does not organize sentences correctly or he makes mistakes in conjugating verb tenses.
  • He/she’s having difficulty acquiring reading.
  • He/she makes spelling mistakes, omit or add letters to familiar words.
  • He/she reads without understanding what he’s reading.
  • He/she improves his learning when he/she uses images, he/she has good visual memory.

In the event that the delay is framed within normality, it is advisable to carry out a semi-annual or annual follow-up that allows intervention if necessary.

A correct diagnosis in time allows differentiating between age-specific difficulties and those that must be treated.

How does Neural help improve a child with language disorder?

At Neural, our team of professionals specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood language disorders.

In a first consultation we review the medical history, contrast the information with the family and explore the child.

After the first visit you will receive the guidance you need and know if criteria are met to start treatment or make a differential diagnosis.

With you from the beginning.