Rehabilitation of Stroke in adults

According to the latest report by FEDACE,a stroke or nervous system disorder, is the first cause of disability in men and women in adulthood.

The consequences of suffering a stroke in adults are different in each person, since the injury will depend on the affected area of ​​the brain, on the time that passed since the first symptoms began until the event ended and on the general state of health of the person who suffered before the injury, among others.

A high percentage of affected people can improve, and they can even normalize their lives if they follow guidelines and an effective therapy.

In Neural we work every day to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional state of the patients and to recover their life after a stroke.

How does Neural assist a person who has suffered a stroke with his recovery?

We identify the difficulties that exist after the injury, and, as a team, we help the patient to:

  • Communicate easily.
  • Boost his/her ability to concentrate.
  • Improve muscle strength and dexterity.
  • Gain independence (personal hygiene, travel, etc.)
  • Increase his/her self-esteem.
  • Meet up with the work environment.
  • Recover normality in living with the family and social environment.

Stroke recovery is possible.