Neurological rehabilitation of Traumatic brain injury in children

Childhood traumatic brain injury constitutes the first disability in children older than 1 year in developed countries.

The reason is always related to a strong blow to the head that produces a primary injury resulting from the impact on the skull. There may also be a secondary complication (edema or cerebral haemorrhage, increased intracranial pressure…) that may develop hours or days after suffering the stroke and that may aggravate the initial condition.

Neurological rehabilitation is a key treatment for the recovery of motor, cognitive, behavioral and social disorders that occur as a result of the injury.

How does Neural help in the recovery of a child who has suffered a brain injury?

We identify the difficulties that exist after the injury, and as a team we help the child or adolescent and his family to:

  • Work on behaviour if the behaviour is more impulsive than before.
  • Improve the ability to concentrate and memory.
  • Increase and improve mobility, postural control, ambulation and muscle tone.
  • Rate use of support products (orthosis) botulinum toxin.
  • Evaluate and train possible speech disorders (aphasia).
  • Promote independence in daily activities (personal hygiene, transfers, staying alone at home).

In more advanced phases, we help the patient to:

  • Meet up with your school environment.
  • Improve living with your family and friends.
  • Gain independence (personal grooming, travel …).
  • Increase self confidence and resolve personal conflicts.

Meet our specific treatments for the rehabilitation of children and adolescents who have suffered a childhood brain injury.

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