The social workfocuses its efforts on ensuring that each person receives the necessary guidance and support to achieve satisfactory social activity.

Educational, labour, sports and leisure inclusion are some of the most recognized efforts in the social worker.

Functions of the social worker in Neural

Search for resources before hospital discharge

Social work has a very important role in the process prior to hospital discharge.

In this process the social worker studies and requests the most appropriate resources for each person. In addition he/she share them with the team, the workers, the patient and the family. This function is the key so that the transition takes place in the most orderly way possible and has a very positive influence on the rehabilitation process.

Management of acquired brain injury program

Managing social procedures after having suffered a brain injury is one of the major sources of stress for the patient and his family.

In Neural, social workers are responsible for advising, informing and following the bureaucratic, economic and occupational problems that may arise from the hospital admission phase to the social reintegration phase.

MEC scholarship processing

Each year our social workers guide families on the steps to follow to process the scholarships that the Ministry of Education offers for children with specific educational needs for educational support.

It is a free service that can be requested by anyone during the 3 months prior to the end date of the call.

Custom guidance

We make available to our patients the possibility of making an appointment with social workers to discuss their case and receive a customized guidance.

    The most frequent requests are:
  • School change
  • Job reintegration
  • Application for benefits and social assistance
  • Adapted sports